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Your Turn.

Being Seen

Since 2013, I've worked with more than 700 women (and more than a few men) from every corner of the globe... Japan, Australia, Central America, Africa, and all across Europe and the United States. Many of these women work with me over and over and over again. Why do they keep coming back, and why do they heartily recommend my work to the people they love?

It's because this isn't just about beautiful photographs and video that help you grow your business, or find your perfect relationship, or document a once in a lifetime event. Yes, the photos and video that I create with you will accomplish all of these things, but my clients will tell you that there is so much more to it. 

They hire me and hire me again because of the work I put in before we even meet for the session, because of the environment that I create during the session, and because of my ability to bring who they are to the surface and capture it in a way that it has never been captured before. 

Your power, your softness, your knowledge, your light, your shadow, your brilliance and radiance and compassionate nature... all surfacing and revealing itself to as much of the world as you would like to reach.

What if you could create immediate connections with ideal clients, all from the photos and video on your web site or social media?
What if you could attract potential partners who appreciate the uniqueness of who you are, rather than a facade that leads to mismatch after mismatch?
What if you could have the confidence to know with certainty that you are "enough" as you are right now, in this moment?
You can. Let's talk about it...

What do my clients have to say about the experience?


Women at a Crossroads

Personal Portraits

Whether it's post-divorce, becoming an empty-nester, or recovering from personal trauma, taking that first step out into the light can be daunting.

This is where the journey begins.

Step Into the Light

Entrepreneurial Women

Brand Portraits

The largest percentage of my clients are women who are up-leveling an existing business or starting a new one. Your photos are a critical extension of your brand. 

Let's take control of the message. 

Connect with New Clients

Reclaiming Sensuality

Sensual Portraits

When my clients begin to discover that they are able to show up in ways they didn't think were possible, they begin to wonder what other aspects of themselves they can reclaim through this potent magic.

I am your witness.

Reclaim Your Self

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I'm guessing you probably have questions!

I love talking about this work, and I'm happy to chat with you to answer any questions you might have. I may even have some offers going on that could be of interest.

Use the form below to send me an email, or you can schedule a call with me.

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Being Seen

The Video Blog

It isn't possible to talk about this work without discussing the root of the pain I find in my clients. This is a conversation we should all be having.


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The power of the feminine is most often repressed by the woman who has been made afraid to wield it. There are those in this world who would trick you into hiding, who would dazzle you with shame until you bury that light so deep inside that the thought of shining it makes you tremble.

I say, tremble.

Shake uncontrollably. Your joy is rattling its cage. "Let me out..." she says, "let me out."

The Witness

In early 2005, I received an email from a client that changed the course of my life... even if it took me while to realize it. More than 15 years later, those lessons still inform my processes as an artist, a healer, and a man.



Step One:
Who are you?

I don't know most of the people I work with, of course. Not at first. But a key component of my work—perhaps the key component— is that I will know you before we're done. In fact, I will know much about you before the first photograph is taken. 

And when we're done, you will know yourself in new ways, too.

I am your Witness. This is not a sales call.

What I want to begin to discover in this call is who you were, who you are, who you want to be, and what obstacles may lay in the path before you.

You don't need to know the answers to any of these questions before we speak.

This is the beginning of an extraordinary journey.


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