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It's about your power.

Whether you feel comfortable in front of a camera, or you've felt a great deal of fear around having your photographs taken in the past, we create an environment where your true power can come to the surface and shine.

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It's about your passion.

What parts of yourself have been lost, forgotten, or suppressed over the years? How profoundly would your world—and the world of those around you—change when you rediscover, reclaim, and reveal these parts of yourself?

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It's about your purpose.

You're not satisfied on the sidelines because you know you have a lot more to offer. You're here to create real change in a world that needs your gifts now more than ever. Whether you do this from the pages of a book, during one-on-one coaching sessions, or from under the spotlight (or all of the above), it's time to step into the light and communicate to the world.

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Who was that girl before the world gave her a reason to hide?

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This is about rediscovering what has been lost, reclaiming what is found, and revealing yourself in a way that creates deep healing and meaningful communication.

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“The power of the feminine

is often repressed by one who has been so manipulated by society that she becomes afraid to wield it. There are those in this world who would trick you into hiding, who would dazzle you with shame until you bury that light so deep inside that the thought of shining it makes you tremble.”
“I say, tremble on. Shake uncontrollably.”
“Your joy is rattling its cage.”
“Let me out…” she says.
“Let me out.”
– Don Hajicek

Don Hajicek

Man as Witness

In 2005, I received an email from a client that changed the course of my life… even if it took me while to realize it. 15 years later, those lessons still inform my processes as an artist, a healer, and a man.

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The Tribe is

My clients explain the experience…

“There is no amount of devastation in this world that can suppress inherent beauty.”Don Hajicek