The Art of Feminine Presence™

Rachael Jayne Groover

When I first heard of Rachael Jayne Groover’s amazing work a few years ago, I immediately began wondering how we might work together. Her book “Powerful and Feminine” had just been published, and her Art of Feminine Presence program had already been changing lives for some time. I’d spent roughly the past decade trying to wrap my head around the transformations that I was witnessing through my lens, and somehow I knew that she would play a role.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am in the throes of the purpose of my life, in no small part due to the fact that I went through Datta Groover’s Authentic Speaker Academy six months ago. I found my voice, I defined my purpose, and I’m currently “touring” with both Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover and speaking to groups of beautiful, amazing women around the globe.

And what is my message? Over the course of a decade of working with every kind of woman, from models to moms… including survivors of breast cancer, child abuse, sexual assault, and war… I’ve been happy to discover that there is no amount of devastation that can suppress inherent beauty. This is what I want you to know.

I was blessed to spend ten days with Rachael Jayne and her tribe at the end of July, 2013, as she met with her Tall Poppies group, conducted a three-day Art of Feminine Presence weekend, and spent three days in Teacher Training. I think we all knew that something great would happen, but we were all happily surprised by the amazing results.

As it happens, the work that Rachael Jayne does and the work that I do really do go hand-in-hand. I can’t speak to exactly what Rachael Jayne does with the women, but I can tell you that the transformation is incredible. And I am tuned into the energy of my subjects in such a way that I can tell just by looking at them exactly where they are holding their energy. It’s at this time that I become a coach, and I guide them to the place where they need to be so that we can capture their true feminine essence, as you will see in the images below.

It was ten days filled with both cheers and tears as these women witnessed their own incredible beauty.

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