The Feminine Force is a Force of Creation

MOTHER: The Feminine Force is a Force of Creation, and while we rightly make a mental connection between that force and the miracle that brings children into this world, I can’t help but look back across the years and realize that I have borne witness to every conceivable (pun intended) form of Creation from the Divine Feminine.

Many women are mothers, but mothers to an incredible spectacle of miracles that can—but don’t always— include children. This is especially true these days as more and more women choose a different path.

The women in this video are Mothers of Art, Music, and Poetry. They are Mothers of Enterprise and Abundance. They are Mothers to the Earth, and to the animals that inhabit the far reaches, the stables, and the living rooms. They are Mothers of Magic… of Light and Shadow. They are Mothers of Justice and Fairness.

The Mothers you see here… and all around us every day… pluck Healing and Love and Sensuality from the ether with ease and grace. As coaches, as friends, as lovers, as aunts and sisters and daughters, they nurture and bring out the best in those who earn the right to love them.

Thank you, Mothers of all kinds, for relentlessly creating beauty in a world that needs every last bit of it.

I’ve been writing a lot of music over the last year, and I’ve recently undertaken a quest to write a musical “Prayer to Gaia.” I had decided I wanted it to be devoted to the many hundreds of women who make up the Tribe of Diamonds. Really, it’s a prayer to all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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