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Hey Be Free Healers!

99% of your questions are answered in the 10 minute video above, but read on if you like, then contact me.  🙂

I've been chatting with Melanie about this, and wanted to pass on a great idea.

I've been looking for a way to make it easier to create videos with me for what it is that each of you are doing individually, really highlighting your magic and helping people get a sense of your work.

Through the end of the month (and perhaps a little longer if you need the deadline extended a bit) I am making a special offer that is ONLY for practitioner at Be Free Healing... $1,000 OFF a Half Day Video Package. That makes it $497 instead of $1,497.

Also, as you can see, half off a portrait session, too.

Oh, and a payment plan. Am I looking for ways to make this work for you? Uh, yes... I am!


2 Month Payment Plan

You can make two monthly payments, but video production date
must be after final payment is made.