Shake There are those in this world who would trick you into hiding, who would dazzle you with shame until you bury that light so deep inside that the thought of shining it makes you tremble. I say, tremble. Shake uncontrollably. Your joy is rattling its cage. “Let me out…” she says, “LET ME OUT.”

You are the Sunrise

There is the brief, magical moment when the dawn reveals all the secrets of the world around… when the beauty of the land reaches its full potential and declares itself in the morning light. Your joy is the dawn, and your Self… the vista. I am the landscape photographer waiting for your sun to rise.

Spirit Horse Alliance

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The Art of Feminine Presence™

When I first heard of Rachael Jayne Groover’s amazing work a few years ago, I immediately began wondering how we might work together. Her book “Powerful and Feminine” had just been published, and her Art of Feminine Presence program had already been changing lives for some time. I’d spent roughly the past decade trying to wrap my head around the transformations that …