Emerging 2021: Santa Fe, NM

May 14-17, 2021

Rediscover, Reclaim & Reveal Your Essence

The world has been restrictive for the past year, to say the least. In many cases, we've been unable to be seen, or heard, or felt.

You might feel like you've been stuck in a loop, slowly getting further and further from what you want. Many of us are dealing with some form of this as we long to Emerge. 

What happens when we choose to break free of that loop... to step back into that light and be seen not simply as we were before, but with all of who were are brought unapologetically to the table? 

It's time to Emerge... (link)

Event Details

When: May 14-17, 2021

Where: Santa Fe, NM

What: A weekend of uniquely healing and transformative sessions with your Shamanic Guide, John Whitehorse, and Transformational Photographer, Don Hajicek.

Entrepreneurial media expert Kristen White will be leading group sessions for those not in session with either John or Don.

Space is limited. Secure your spot with a deposit! (link)

What is this event?

Over the course of a weekend, participants will individually experience a private Shamanic Healing Session (or Sessions) with John Whitehorse, as well as a private Transformative Photo Session with Don Hajicek.

Between sessions, enjoy group discussions, local tours, massage, yoga classes (help me out here, Kristen, lol) or take the free time to explore beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico on your own or in groups.