The Divine Feminine and the Masculine Witness

September 26, 2019

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"In the end, the liberation of the Divine Masculine can only occur through a deep honoring of the Divine Feminine." - Don Hajicek We are a wounded people, filled with tears of pain and rage that are never allowed to surface. We've been tricked into seeing vulnerability as weakness, when in reality it is the way—straight and true—to our most profound power. This is the road to who we truly are both as individuals and as a collective power—the Tribe. Since 2004, Don Hajicek has been an ally to women in the struggle between the opposing desires of "being seen" and "staying safely hidden." In that time, he has not only learned about the unique pain of the Divine Feminine, but about the unexpected role of the masculine in its healing. This... the healing of the Divine Feminine through witnessing and honoring... is the path to both the liberation and indeed redemption of the Divine Masculine. This is the way toward a post-patriarchal society where equilibrium creates a new reality. During this 90-minute presentation, Don will share some of the many emotionally stirring and inspirational stories of transformation and liberation he has witnessed over the years, the important and profound lessons he has learned from women all around the world, and a beautiful, hopeful path forward and upward for men and women.
Join us in Blauvelt, NY on September 26, 2019 for an evening of inspirational stories, moving images, and lively discussion!
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