Sacred Honoring of the Feminine

September 26, 2019

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Many women experience an internal struggle between opposing desires—the desire to stay safely hidden versus the desire to shine in the light of their gifts, their beauty, and their power. Since 2004, Don Hajicek has been an ally to women in this struggle. During this one hour presentation, Don will share some of the many emotionally stirring and inspirational stories of transformation he has witnessed over the years, as well as the important profound lessons he has learned from women all around the world.
Would you like to find out...
  • How can you not only make peace with the camera, but even enjoy being photographed?
  • How do you establish a channel of communication between yourself and the person viewing your photograph?
  • How can you show up as confident, powerful, warm, approachable, and sensual in your photographs?
This work is not ultimately about photographs. Don Hajicek's work is about creating  a space in which women rediscover, reclaim, and reveal the true essence of their deepest self. All over the world, his clients find more of what they desire from life... ideal clients, a true partner in love, and ultimately, the peace that comes through the journey toward wholeness.
Join us in Blauvelt, NY on September 26, 2019 for an evening of inspirational stories, moving images, and lively discussion!
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