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Special Pricing on Tribe of Diamond Photo Sessions through Sponsorship by Femme International

Spend the day with Don Hajicek, world-renown photographer and creator of Tribe of Diamonds! Don has been working with women around the world for over a decade, helping them rediscover, reclaim, and reveal their divine feminine essence—on camera. I’ve worked with Don twice now, and believe me when I say that this is about much more than world-class photography. It is a transformative experience.

I want you to have this experience!

As creator of Femme International, I’m happy to announce that we are sponsoring Don’s upcoming visit to Sydney, Australia! He will be here from Sunday, November 22nd, through Wednesday, November 25th, and is looking for a group of 4 to 5 women to experience a very special Diamond Tribe Day.

Order your Diamond Tribe Day. Save $500 off his regular price of $997 when ordering through this Femme International page!

As part of this sponsorship, Don is offering this experience at a fraction of the usual price of $997 USD. Just for this week and through ordering from this page, Don has reduced the priced by more than half, to $497 USD. (Currently, this is around $697 Australian.)

This day is all about celebrating the feminine, both as individuals and as a group. We’ll start the day at Dee Why beach, and then move around Sydney based on the desires of the group. We’ll have a full 7 hours with Don (with a break in the middle for lunch) and that provides each of us with an amazing variety of images. In the following weeks, we’ll each get to choose our 7 favorite images from the day, and those will be expertly retouched and delivered to us individually.

I’m sure you’ll agree that $697 for a full day experience is a great price, especially for this quality of photography. Don is the master of capturing a woman’s essence on camera.

Watch this video to get a small taste of what Diamond Tribe Days are like. This is from a day he coordinated in the Netherlands this spring.

More from Don…

How would you like to spend the day in and around Sydney with me AND 3-5 of your friends or colleagues? Sip champagne and take turns having your photos taken as the others cheer you on! Maria did this last year in the US with four other women she hadn’t known very well, and they had the time of their lives. 

Order your Diamond Tribe Day. Save $500 off his regular price of $997 when ordering through this Femme International page!