Prior to becoming a full-time photographer, I spent three decades in advertising and marketing. I know how to help your business shine.

The first time your potential client sees your photo, they will make a subconscious decision on whether or not they can trust you. 

When this trust is established, you have an opportunity to do something amazing through your photos... SAY SOMETHING.

What are your current photos saying about what you have to offer the world?

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This is my purpose

All around the world, I have been witnessing The Goddess as she emerges from within my clients. It is an owning of your true power, your brilliance, and the pure essence that existed before the world began to demand that you let go of who you were meant to be.

More than 8 years, 700 clients, and 1,000 photo and video sessions later, I know how to help you bring her to the surface, step into the light, and Be Seen without apology... even if you hate having your photographs taken.

You don't need to know how to do this...

By the time we work together, I will walked you through the logistics, sure, and you will get emails about what to wear, hair and makeup, etc., but more than that... after you have completed the free Diamond Facets Playbook we will have a one hour phone discussion about your desires for the session, any fears that may be arising, and how to best prepare for our time together.

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Let's talk about it...