I first realized the unique healing power of photography during a sensual portrait session in 2005. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of women who are reclaiming sovereignty over their bodies and their sexuality. 

There's a reason that sexuality and relationship coaches often send their clients to me. They see what is inside of you, waiting to emerge, and you know she's in there, too. They also know that this is the healing.

Let's go find the goddess, and release her.

Liberate her.

Let's talk about it...

Boudoir Photography...

...which I prefer to call Sensual Portraiture, is how I first began to work with people way back in 2005. Word-of-mouth between female clients and their friends meant that I became very busy conducting boudoir photo sessions that brought out and revealed my subjects sensual essence. 

Over time, I found that the women who came to me for these sessions were quite often survivors of child abuse, breast cancer, and sexual assault. This has become my specialty... helping women reclaim their bodies, their sexual sovereignty, and their sensual essence.

More than a few times, I have heard some variation of the following statement.

"This is the first time I have been alone in a room with a man since I was raped."

So why did they come to me for this work? 

Why it Heals

What does it mean to be witnessed by a man, free of need or expectation? What does it mean to be fully surrendered into your sensual essence while being witnessed by a man who is there only to reflect it back to you through profoundly beautiful images? 

What my clients have taught me is that this is where the healing happens.

This is not about my idea of what is "sexy." I do not use the same poses and lighting for every client. This is about what your unique sensuality is, and many of—perhaps even most of—my clients come into this telling me that they are unsure if their sensual nature still exists.

It does. Always. No matter what.

This means that when you see my portfolio, you see images that all look completely different from each other, because every woman's sensual essence is different.

The clients in this slideshow have all agreed to have their photos shared here.

This is my purpose

All around the world, I have been witnessing The Goddess as she emerges from within my clients. It is an owning of your true power, your brilliance, and the pure essence that existed before the world began to demand that you let go of who you were meant to be.

More than 8 years, 700 clients, and 1,000 photo and video sessions later, I know how to help you bring her to the surface, step into the light, and Be Seen without apology... even if you hate having your photographs taken.

You don't need to know how to do this...

My goal is for you to be well-informed before the first photo is even taken. On the day of your session, all you have to do is show up. I have the rest handled.

By the time we work together, we will have a clear idea of the purpose of the session, but more than that, you will have access to lots of supporting information about your session, and all of your questions will have been addressed.

Touch the button below to find out how we can begin this transformative journey together!

Let's talk about it...