And so we begin... gathering up all that we are, and taking those first steps back into the light. The time for fear, and the time for apologies, has ended. 

We're all better off when you are all of who you are, Goddess.

And now? Well. You are even more than before.

Liberate her.

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For 15 years, I have been witnessing The Goddess as she emerges from within my clients. It is an owning of your true power, your sensual nature, and the inherent beauty that exudes from every woman on the planet.

What I have learned from my 700+ clients over that time is that there is nothing that can destroy that inherent beauty

It still exists, I promise you. In fact, I will prove it to you.

You don't need to know how to do this...

By the time we work together, you will be as at ease as you could possibly be. I will walk you through the logistics, sure, and you will get emails about what to wear, hair and makeup, etc., but more than that... after you have completed the free Diamond Facets Workbook we will have a one hour phone discussion about your desires for the session, any fears that may be arising, and how to best prepare your Self for our time together.

Please note that the location for your session is your responsibility. It can be your home, a friends home (yes, this happens) a hotel, or any number of spaces available through this very cool service... PeerSpace.

Touch the button at right to find out how we can begin this transformative journey together!

I am nearly always available in Colorado these days, but I do have some travel plans...

This session is available to you wherever you are, as long as I can get to you.  🙂

Goddess Sessions Southwestern Tour (plus DC)

Spring/Summer 2021, from Colorado to DC then on to NM, TX, AZ, and CA, I am offering Half Day experiences of deeply profound witnessing and celebration. Together, we will create art (photos and video, if you choose) that are a deep exploration of all that you are.

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