My life’s work is to create beautiful, deeply meaningful photographic experiences for people who do not like having their photos taken, or are terrified of the prospect of doing so. Historically, they feel that they show up in an unflattering way in photos, and having the camera pointed at them is triggering.

(Of course, this also works for those few who love having their photos taken.)

When we’re done, you will have a new relationship with the camera, enjoying the process, and you will also have proof of your divinity in the form of photographs that you love.

Fully Customized Photographic Experiences

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are not any one thing that can be captured and labeled as such. They are dynamic, mysterious, fluid, and ever-changing. You are The Goddess, The Queen. You are The Leader. You are the Messenger. You are all of these things and more—simultaneously—and the way they show up in you today is different than the way they showed up in you last year, or even last month.

Now imagine one or more private photo sessions customized just for you, with each experience exploring a different aspect of who you are at your core.

Any and all of these offerings will be customized to fit your specific needs, whether the photographs are for business, for your family, for your personal use, or (as in most cases) all of the above.

Let’s talk about deeply healing photographic experiences.

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