The Breathwork Experience

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Free.

When I explain to people that I am now a shamanic breathwork facilitator, they often wonder how this work is connected to what I am doing through photography and videography. The truth is, they are different paths and different experiences that can lead to the same space of healing and self-knowledge... each profound in their own way. 

When these practices are combined, the magic is more than you can comprehend until you've experienced it. 

Be Free Breathwork™

How would your world be different if you allowed yourself to BE TOTALLY FREE? When was the last time you got to yell, dance, cry, laugh, vision, or shake out the “stuff” that keeps you from being your most authentic, vibrant self? What if it was that easy to grow into something more? What would it be like to be in “safe space” where you could experience ALL of who you are, the light, the dark, the love, the raw power, without any judgment or fear of rejection? How would you move differently in a world without self-doubt, fear, old baggage, old anger, old story?

This is what Be Free Breathwork is all about.

The best thing is, you already have access to the tool you need for the experience, and you take it with you wherever you go... your breath. 

If you're interested in finding out more about this experience, which can be standalone or combined with a photo/video session, submit the form below or simply schedule a complimentary call with us.