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Don Hajicek, Author, Speaker & Photographer

The first time that Don approached a women’s group for a potential speaking opportunity, he was told that no men were allowed in the sacred circle. After hearing his stories of transformation, the event leaders relented and allowed him a trial run. He has been speaking at women’s conferences and retreats around the world ever since.

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Don Hajicek has been a photographer since he first found his estranged father’s camera in the back of the closet closet at the age of 10. Don’s travel and landscape work was interrupted in 2004 when he saw a call for entries for a show entitled “Landscapes of Desire.” He turned his lens to women at that time, and slowly discovered that his safe, gentle and deeply compassionate manner created fertile soil for transformation. He now travels the world speaking to groups of women about the power of “being seen.”

Don is the author of Being Seen: Witnessing the Feminine Through the Lens of Love

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Don may be reached at 833-744-8400 or don@tribeofdiamonds.com.

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Being Seen

“Women from every corner of the globe are struggling with the same core issues,” says Hajicek (pronounced HI-check.) “Many people—particularly women—are in hiding to some degree, whether it’s a conscious choice due to trauma or shame, or something more subtle that happens over time because they’re so busy taking care of everyone and everything else in their world. Even the “Type A” overachiever can be hiding their core essence while simultaneously appearing larger than life. Part of showing up authentically is stepping into the light free of fear or apology. It’s declaring that you are ready to be seen.”

It is this struggle between opposing desires—the desire to stay safely hidden versus the desire to shine in the light of our gifts—that Don addresses on stage. During his presentation, which can be tailored from 10 minutes up to a 90 minute workshop, Don shares some of the many emotionally stirring and inspirational stories of transformation he has witnessed through the lens of his camera over the years. He also offers guidance and practical tips on the following:

  • Getting past self-consciousness and fear during your photo session
  • Achieving truly magnetic headshots portraits that will attract your ideal client/partner
  • Quickly up-leveling your self-confidence and the power of your brand
  • Healing the scars that may keep you hidden from view

What is the transformative power of “being seen?” How do we show up when we let our armor fall away? What happens when we truly see ourselves through the Lens of Love™ instead of a lens of self-judgment and doubt?

For over a decade, Don Hajicek has been exploring these questions and more in his photographic work with women around the world. In that time, he’s worked with CEOs, soccer moms, and every kind of survivor; divorce, breast cancer, sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and even war.


From the event leaders…

“Don has been speaking at my events around the world for two years now, and his presence has become invaluable to myself and the attendees. His stories both inspire and inform, leaving the audience not only feeling moved emotionally, but also better equipped to step into the light and be truly seen.” ~ Rachael Jayne Groover – Best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine, and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence™

“I first saw Don speak at someone else’s event, and I knew immediately that I wanted him at my events. He has the amazing ability to sense and tap into the emotions of the audience. His photography comes to life through stories, and my participants connect strongly to him on a very human level. His openness and honesty is coupled with an incredible sense of humor. He makes us laugh even while we learn to connect to our authenticity as women.” ~ Jessie May – Business Coach & Powerful Presence Ignitor, Founder of Daring Divas

From the audience…

“This was a great event. I have been a model and an actress and this is still the best most thorough account I have ever seen on how to get the real you to shine through! I am looking forward to working with Don to see what comes forth.”  ~ Rala B.

“Don was an amazing speaker who is passionate and caring about what he does. I can’t wait to get my photos done by him!” ~ Jean D.

“Don was informative and presented with heartfelt enthusiasm. I was so glad I came.” ~ Julie B.

From clients…

He is the best I have seen at capturing a person’s essence while they are in the present moment, owning their power and value.”  ~ Rachael Jayne Groover – Best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine, and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence™

My photo shoot with Don was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! He helped me feel incredibly seen and incredibly gorgeous!”  ~ Jessie May – Business Coach & Powerful Presence Ignitor, Founder of Daring Divas

“Working with Don created opportunities that I didn’t know existed, and paid for itself many times over…not just financially, but as a woman, it was priceless.”  ~ Tami Carbone

I am already feeling more confident and empowered to pursue my business. On behalf of womanhood, thank you.   ~ Barbera Aimes

“Don is simply a magician and a healer. It was an amazing, transformative and heart-melting experience.” ~ Michela Trezzi

“Don was able to put me at ease very quickly. He can see when you are and when you aren’t feeling into your energy, and that’s different from any photographer I’ve ever worked with before.”  ~ Amanda Boyd

Don has an extremely calming, reassuring and safe presence that contains no judgment. I am in awe of the exquisite artistry combined with his uncanny ability to capture my true essence and the way I want to be fully seen.”  ~ Beth Ann Fischberg

“The entire experience—from the first conversation to the final photos—worked its magic to bring out the very best in me.  It was nothing short of extraordinary.  ~ Joanna Kennedy,

“The photo session was definitely the experience of my lifetime. I was nervous the entire month leading up to my photo shoot, but Don gave me homework and coached me and eased my fears about how everything would work.”          ~ Lori Middleton

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  1. WOW again!! I listened to your video and you mentioned your tool bag. To support Women I use a variety of practises that I affectionately call my “power tools”……..I’m finding the commonalities very powerful and mysterious!
    Have a fab day Don.
    Many blessings, Marie

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