Thank you for showing up.

If you're at this page, it is likely that you have been invited to participate in this project.

But what is this project?

I am conducting a social art experiment about the assumptions people make about the men they see in a photograph.

I'd love to have a wide range of men involved... all ages, sizes, colors, shapes... the more diverse, the better. This is for every person over 18 that identifies as male. 

What's in it for you?

A great experience that may bring you to see yourself differently, the satisfaction of participating in a societal good, and 2 or 3 photos to use as you wish.

  • Our discussion during the session must not be disclosed until the project launches
  • You must be willing to go deep and to be real and to feel all the uncomfortable emotional stuff on camera
  • You must be willing to share what you are feeling while the photographs are taken
  • You must allow us to share your photos, video interview, and corresponding thoughts publicly*

*Your face will be visible, but your name will not appear with the photo.


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