Tribe of Iron Workbook

DEFINE each Element in your own words.

RATE each sentence based on how true it is to you. Be brutally honest in your answers. There are no judgments, and all answers are confidential.

Please RESIST the urge to ask anyone else for their opinions. This is about how you FEEL you are seen by yourself and these outside groups.

Use the OPTIONAL notes section to talk about anything that comes up for you.

Yes, this form is going to ask you how you are seen by your "partner." Don't be put off by this if you are not currently in a relationship. Please use your most recent relationship or any pattern you've seen over time.

Lastly, these "Elements" and your ratings of them are not a measurement of your masculine nature. This is a limited set of words that I want you to react to in an honest manner. I am trying to keep this workbook as short as possible, so not every possible quality of The Masculine is listed here.

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