Wedding Photography Timeline


This timeline and questionnaire is designed to help you plan your day, and also to help us make sure that you have set aside enough time for photography. We want to make sure your day is as fun and stress-free as possible, and that we are able to deliver the very best images possible. More time to shoot means better photographs, but we also know that you will have a lot going on that day!

Here are samples of the ideal minimum amounts of time needed for photography. I want to make sure you are aware of these now, because I am not going to be rushing you on the day of the wedding. Part of my job is to make that day less stressful, not more.

Remember, these are MINIMUMS...

15 minutes for Groom’s final preparations (cufflinks, tie, etc.)

15 minutes for Bride’s final preparations (touching up make-up, lacing of dress, etc.)

30 minutes for portraits of Bride/Bridesmaids looking awesome and posing together.

30 minutes for portraits of Groom/Groomsmen looking like rock stars together.

15 minutes to shoot the “First Look” if you are seeing each other before ceremony.

30-60 minutes to shoot Bride/Groom portraits (before or after ceremony.)

15-30 minutes to shoot formal family portraits (Bride and Groom with Bride’s parents, etc.)

Then we have the remainder of the time to photograph crazy dancing and partying and the bouquet toss, etc.

Sample Photography Schedule

Keeping that in mind, here is a what a really tight and well-executed wedding photography schedule might look like.

Of course, things happen, so actual times will vary depending on your specific circumstances, like if Uncle Carl wanders off when the formal photos need to be taken.

11:00 am: Groom preparations. (Putting on cufflinks, straightening tie, etc.)

11:15 pm: Groom/Groomsmen portraits. (Rock star shots of them looking cool.)

11:45 am: Bride preparations. (Final lacing of dress*, makeup touch-ups, etc.)

12:00 pm: Bride/Bridesmaids portraits. (Beautiful fun shots of the BFFs.)

1:00 pm: Ceremony. (Will vary based on whether or not it is a mass, etc.)

2:00 pm: Exit. (Formal Exit? Reception line? Driving away in a car?)

2:15 pm: Formal family portraits. (Bride/Groom with Bride’s family, etc.)

2:30 pm: Formal Bride/Groom portraits. (The most important pics of the day!)

3:30 pm: Reception photos.

Note: If you are going to see each other before the ceremony, I would also love a half hour to shoot the “first look.” If there is time, we could also shoot the formal family portraits then (additional time needed.)

If you are not seeing each other first, we shoot the family photos after the ceremony but before you are announced at the reception. Once we are at the reception it is much more difficult to corral everyone for the formal photos. We should have ALL of the “portraits” done before the reception. While at the reception, I can of course shoot you with as many guests and family as you like, and if you want additional portrait style shots, we can definitely do that. I am 100% at your disposal all day long. It’s just good to make sure we have the key portraits before you are announced at the reception, because you are going to be busy having fun!

The Questionnaire

Okay, now it is time to jump into the Wedding Questionnaire!