What to Expect During Your “Sensual Portrait” Session

If there's one thing you'll have no shortage of when you have an upcoming sensual portrait session, it's questions. They're all running around in your head, and not having answers may be causing anxiety. I don't want that for you, and that's why from the moment you book with us an educational process begins.

Joanna Kennedy

You will receive a number of communications from us between booking your session and the date of your session. These emails will explain more in depth about posing (short version: you don’t need to know how to pose), essential wardrobe, props, etc. By the time you arrive at the session location, you will be well-prepared for your journey.

The first question is often "How is this going to work? I show up at the location at the right time...and then what?"

After you arrive at the location, we'll have introductions. You may choose to have your own hair and/or makeup person on site and if so we'll discuss the goals of the session to make sure we're all on the same page. We’ll also go over your selections for wardrobe, props, and music (when applicable.)

In the rare case that I have an assistant on-hand (either by my choice or by your request) that assistant will be female. 

It's also incredibly important that anyone you bring along refrain from engaging you during the session except at my invitation. There are times when I am going for a certain energy or look, and uninvited input (verbal or energetic) can be incredibly disruptive to the outcome. People who distract you from relaxing into your deepest, truest, most grounded essence may be asked to step outside for a moment.

Rest assured that you don't need to know how to do ANYTHING. You will be guided through this process. Your job is to not worry about your hair, your makeup, your body, your...anything.

My direction will be gentle, direct, and easily followed, such as “Okay, now look at the light… great… now look toward the window and move your hand from your head to your hip…beautiful...now close your eyes and imaging you are standing beneath a waterfall...perfect...love it...”

These are very simple directions to get the movements and emotions that are needed and that will serve you best. You may have some specific poses you want to do as well, and that’s great! But you do not need to know how to do anything for us to get great results. I will take care of you, and you will look and feel fantastic.

Jennifer Jennings

Throughout the session, I will occasionally show you a few photos on the back of the camera to give you a sense of where we are going (unless, as sometimes happens, you request that I not show you any photos until we're done.)

We’ll take a few breaks to change your wardrobe, maybe you'll want to change your hair a bit or touch up your makeup or have a drink of water. Then we repeat the posing/photography portion described above.

Your session will be over before you know it, you will feel alive and invigorated...and maybe a little sad that it's over. No matter how nervous you were coming into it, you will have an incredible boost of confidence and the deep desire to do it again! The most camera-shy women usually become repeat customers, because the feeling of power and transformation is so incredibly invigorating.

It feels great to be seen.

One of the most camera-shy women who've come through our studio still describes our sensual portrait sessions as “something that every woman should experience.”

A couple of weeks after the session you will receive a link to your gallery of un-retouched proofs, along with detailed instructions on how to select your images, as well as all pertinent information regarding their delivery.

So what should you expect? Hours of fun, challenge, transformation, and loads of moments in which you look at what we're getting and exclaim "Oh wow...is that me?"

We look forward to serving you through the Lens of Love™

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