Tribe of Diamonds offers uniquely powerful content and experiences that help you have a successful, high-impact event.

I am your partner in service to the Divine Feminine. 

Since 2012, I have been traveling the world and speaking at women's retreats, conferences, and seminars from Australia to Europe, North Africa to South America, and of course all over the United States. In that time I have presented to thousands of women, often as the only man in the room, and have worked one-on-one with nearly 800 women and counting. 

(Side note: I also provide second-to-none event photos for your own event marketing.)

The reason that retreat organizers keep bringing me back is that I not only deliver engaging content and life-altering experiences to attendees, but I do so in a way that provides visceral, visible proof of the success of the organizer's content; your content. 

For example, if you are running a large women's conference centered around women's empowerment, the processes I use in-session with your attendees only amplify the results of your coaching in a way that creates a lasting impact.

If your retreat centers on healing the feminine, this unique experience puts a beautiful and profound exclamation point on the reclamation of the self that comes along with truly discovering one's own "enough-ness."

And if your seminar is built around feminine presence and it's ability to help female entrepreneurs step up to the front of their business and attract their ideal clients, my work is perfectly designed for those soul-centered marketing efforts.

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